Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gardenia Pfordii - Blooming Madly

My Gardenia Pfordii plant is producing so many blooms! I am so delighted to see it blooming profusely or madly. My garden is filled with its fragrant. I wish I can pack the fragrant and attach it in this posting so that visitors can have a whiff of its sweet-smelling fragrant.

The new bloom which is white in colour will usually appear at night. The next morning, this white bloom will turn into light yellow. The following day it will turn darker yellow before it drops off from the plant.

How do I get it blooming like this? I am not sure actually. I only remember putting some blooming fertilizer on the plant two weeks ago.

You can see flowers in 3 different colours in these 2 photos
~ white, light yellow & darker yellow.


Serendipity said...

They look lovely! They have fragrance too? Hope you don't mind me asking, where did you get them from? Are they easy to grow?

I would like to grow some too. I'm quite a fan of fragrant flowers.

Recently I bought a pot of gardenia from a nearby nursery. The fragrance is heavenly but unfortunately it wilted and died not long after. Not sure where I went wrong.

Stephanie said...

Wonderful! This shrub grows fast. I remember you posted it last time. I love the flowers. Oh, the shape, colour and the fragrance... what a beautiful shrub.


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