Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lady Fingers - From Seeds to Seedlings

Recently I have collected some lady fingers seeds from the plants that I grew. To collect those seeds, I let my lady fingers aged and dried up on the plant. When it's totally wrinkled and the pod almost burst, I would cut down the lady finger. I sowed some seeds that I harvested and within a week, I had seedlings peeking out from the ground.

Healthy seedlings grown from the above seeds.

Yesterday evening it rained heavily and this is what happened to my young seedlings! I hope it would survive the daily heavy downpour. I plan to re-pot it when the stem is a little bit thicker. For those of you who have tried planting lady finger, how soon do you re-pot your lady finger seedlings? Can you share your experience with me?


Blur Ting said...

Looking at your seedlings, I think you can report them now before they topple even more.

Stephanie said...

Your seedlings look healthy! But so many of them... after repotting, they will grow tall... now I know why your family says that your garden is turning in a jungle ha ha... ;-) (My garden also!!) But tell them, the vege/lady's fingers are for them (not just yourself). Happy repotting! Btw, today is sunny, so you may need to do it in the evening.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Try repotting in two ways
1. scoop the seedlings one at a time with soil and repot
2. Loosen the soil, and slowly take out each one, as much care not to hurt the roots.

I always germinate one seed per little pot, so repotting or transplanting is relatively easy.



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