Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Rare Appearance

Growing orchids require a lot of tender, loving care. They need consistent feeding of fertilizer. I used to spray liquid fertilizer every morning. As such, I get blooms after blooms. However, in recent years, I have not been dilligent at growing my orchids. As such, most rotted, died or just didn't bloom. I have only a few small pots left. I have decided not to grow orchids anymore. However, during my recent travel to Manila, I just couldn't resist the temptation of buying a few young plants from the Quiapo market. Old habit dies hard! Ha ha...

This plant that I posted today was purchased from Cebu island in the Phillipines too. The orchids in the Phillipines are beautiful and irresistable. So glad that it gave me a rare bloom this week! Everytime I see it, I just can't help appreciating its elegance!


Bangchik said...

Lovely colour.. white and sooth the eyes. It really travelled far, from Cebu ~bangchik

maría cecilia said...

Hello J.C., a wonderful orchid...!!so sad to hear you stoped fertilizing and taking care of orchids and I do understand that one can be so tired sometimes.
Maria Cecilia

James Missier said...

The flower look so beautiful. No wonder you couldn't resist from not buying it.
I have no luck with orchids, still hoping that I will manage to get them bloom someday.

Green thumb said...

Hi JC, this orchid looks awesome!! It has a pristine quality to it.Though I don't have much experience in growing Orchids, I can understand how demanding they are and hence at times it becomes too difficult to take their proper care.
Loved the blooms from your edible plants too.

Stephanie said...

JC, this orchid is beautiful. You made a good choice buying it. Happy Tuesday and gardening!


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