Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blooms from My Edible Plants

I have some nice blooms in my garden now. So, how can I make my posting today more interesting than just featuring blooms in my garden? Be creative, JC!!!!

How about featuring blooms from my edible plants then? That's something that I have never posted before! As many of us have complaint (including moi) about there's nothing worthwhile happening in the garden for us to blog about and thus, we are stucked in a rut. Follows by the silence from posting!

To inspire myself, I still go out regularly in the morning to take photos of my garden. Now I am making myself think out of the box! I know there are many plants that I do not know the name of. That makes me stay away from blogging about them. So, how about getting my fellow gardening blogger friends out there to give me a helping hand? That would make the exchange of information interesting. In return, I can do something for my blogger friends. Brillian, huh? Ha ha ha....I just gotta pat myself on the shoulder and be creative, if I intend to continue blogging as long as possible! Bear with me, folks, if you think I sounded arrogant. Ha ha.....or if you think I am rambling nonsense! Ha ha ha....

Here's the flowers of my Choy Sum vegie. I didn't throw away those Choy Sum that are attacked by the leaf miner. I just left them in the polystyrene box. They grew and grew. Now I have cluster of yellow flowers from the vegie. Aren't they delightful to the eyes?

A single flower from my bird's eye chilli. I can't wait for it to turn into a fruit just like the bird's eye chilli I have below.

This fella won the award of being the first bird eye chilli produced in my garden!!!! I am so happy when I saw it! After several pots of curled leaves bird's eye chilli plants that died on me, I think of giving up on this little plant. If you can see, some of the leaves are curled. I have been moving it around the garden, from shade to bright sunny spot. But it loves this partly shady, partly sunny spot best. So I am going to keep it here for good.

Above photo shows the flowers of my lime plant. Since I applied my No. 47 fertilizers last week, many little buds are appearing. I hope those would turn into fruits too.

I had 3 lime fruits on my plant. But now only 1 left. They last very long on the plant, if not mistaken over 2 months. I plucked the other 2 for my sambal belacan as I didn't have any citrus in my fridge at the point of time. It's really nice to have lime plants in the garden to supply me with the limes as and when I require them.

My lady finger plant has been repotted. It has thrived hard and is now over 6 feet tall, much, much taller than me. It has produced its first lady finger and now there's another bloom appearing.

Growing edible plants bring another kind of joy ~ food for the kitchen and beautiful blooms for me to appreciate. If you have not tried planting edibles, how about starting one now?


James Missier said...

Its great to have vegetables planted and harvest them when needed. Gives a sort of a organic gardening feeling. I believe vegetables planted at home taste very delicious compared to the once bought from the market or store.
Glad that you share your creative side of blogging.

maría cecilia said...

Hello J.C., sorry not being able to help you, think I never saw them before... but what I do know is that your pictures are fabulous!!
María Cecilia

Chin said...

I love to watch your garden ;P

J.C. said...

Chin, thanks for visiting my gardening blog. Ha ha...from sharing my photographs now I get the chance to share my garden with you too!!


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