Monday, October 5, 2009

Bright Blossoms in the Garden

It may be the start of autumn in the northern hemisphere where one would enjoy cooler weather. But not where I am! Over here in Subang Jaya, we get scorching heat from morning till mid-noon. By late noon, the dark clouds would be looming. Occasionall we will have rainfall in the evening. Otherwise, it will arrive when we are in deep slumber. We will be greeted by fresh morning air! That's what I like best. The plants in the garden would look so alive!!

As an effect of the weather, my bougainvillaea has produced profuse bright-coloured blossoms. My bougainvillaea has vibrant pink that shout for attention from afar. Neighbours have came over to give me compliments for their radiant blooms. This time there are blooming more than what I have blogged previously in April's Bougainvillaea - Forever Blooming. Everytime I look at the splash of pink, I just can't help smiling with admiration.

I think the hot weather plus the dosage of fertilizer 47 that I fed to the plant has helped in producing the profuse blooms.

Apart from Bougainvillaea, the Bird of Paradise is also producing many blooms.

How is your garden blooming? Look forward to seeing what's blooming in your garden too!


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

We don't have even a single bougainvillaea in the garden or in pots.. We used to have a lot of those in yesteryears... good to see them responding well to your fertilizer. ~bangchik

Jaime Boey said...

Wow that's a lot of bougainvillea blooms! Is it a tree planted in the ground? Do you prune it often? It's bushy & nice ;-)
I've a small pot but only flowers at the tip of branches. Yours flowering on the whole branch!

James Missier said...

You have a varigated type - I guess it must be lovely when that contrast colours appears as they flower.
I tried propagating them many times using cuttings but failed.
Any tips about them?

MrBrownThumb said...

Your bougainvillea blooms are amazing.

J.C. said...

Thanks all for your comments.

Jaimie Boey, yes I prune the bougainvillaea often. There are 3 pots of plants. I planted them in big pots and placed the pots in my flower bed. Pruning will help the bougainvillaea to produce more blooms.

James Missier, all these plants are propagated using stem cutting. I just placed those stems into the soil and water daily. The weather in Malaysia is always hot and that is what the bougainvillaea likes. Probably that helps too.

FlowerLady said...

Your bougainvillea blooms are gorgeous. I will have to try propogating mine, it is something I've not tried.


FJL said...

Hi Jc.long time no see..get your meme Award in Blog Garden..if you havent been tagged, if yes..then I think I missed the train again..

James Missier said...

Thanks for the tip.
How long must the stem be?
How thick should the min. size?
Does those leaves dry up & fall in the process?
Do they dry up first then live again?
How long should I wait to see the result?
Sorry, but I have been trying so many times without success.

J.C. said...

Hi James, There's no rules about the size of stems and its thickness. But try to pick one that looks older.That means thicker stem. Pluck off most of the leaves as transpiration through the leaves will cause the stem to lost water. Put them in the soil, water regularly. Cross your fingers and hope they will grow. Talk to them as you water..ha ha..but that's what I do! Persevere and you will be surprise when you see young shoots sprouting from them.

James Missier said...

Thanks JC, I had planted some and waiting, so far Im been keeping my fingers crossed, still hoping that something new happens.

Anonymous said...


Arati said...

nice pictures!


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