Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (YTT)

Brunfelsia Pauciflora
Common Names: Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow, morning-noon-and-night, Brazil raintree
Family: Solanaceae (nightshade Family)

Source: Floridata

The name of this plant is Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, in short, YTT (scientific name: Brunfelsia Pauciflora). Isn't that an interesting name? And isn't it wonderful to have a plant that comes with 3 colours for its blooms?

When the nursery guy told me the name of this plant, I found it funny. He then explained to me that the flowers change colour from purple to pink and lastly white before they wilt. That's why it gets such a unique name. The name and flower also reminds me to treasure every moment of our lives as change is unavoidable! Just like these flowers that keep changing colour!

In my photo above, you can see that my YTT plant coincidentally has all the 3 colours of a YTT. There are many blooms but they don't last very long. Even though YTT likes sun, but due to the recent scorching heat, I have to place it under the shade of the taller plants for fear it will be burnt by the heat.


Stephanie said...

Nice name for a lovely plant. I like purple flowers.

Yeah, the weather is quite not so predictable nowadays. When it seems sunny, then the clouds appears suddenly and vice versa.

JC, I mentioned you in my other blog, check out this link http://mygreenfinder.blogspot.com/ as I did a review on that nursery you recommended me. Please feel free to post a comment to add information if any.

Happy gardening!

Maggie said...

Hi J.C., I just gave you a blog award which you can collect over at my blog if you are interested in that sort of thing.

petunialee said...

Yesterday today tomorrow... I love that name!

FJL said...

Its been a while I didn't visit your garden, this plant reminds me of cookies because of its shape esp the white ones.


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