Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How Are My Vegies Growing?

I have germinated some Hong Kong Choy Sum seeds last Monday. Bought the seeds at the Shah Alam Pasar Tani (Farmers Market). At RM1 per packet, the seeds that I got here is so much cheaper than at supermarkets.

This is the stall I go to buy my seeds.

There are so many kind of vegetable seeds to pick from.

Amazingly, by this week I could see some seedlings. This is my first time planting Hong Kong Choy Sum. They look so cute and every day I would be checking them out to see how tall have they grown. Frankly, they don't like any choy sum to me. More like bean sprouts! Hee...hee...


Stephanie said...

Hi JC, RM1 is cheap la. You really know where to get good things. The flower seeds I germinated was eaten up by tiny snails from the soil itself! I was discovered this morning :-( I threw those tiny snails away... about 4 of them! But I think I need to re-sow. Now I hope my other pot would be ok coz I used different soil. Good job on your choy sum :-D


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