Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Susan's Enchanting Garden (Part 3)

This would be my last posting of Susan's Enchanting Garden.

A DIY water feature in Susan's garden

Gravel is added to this section to create a simple rock garden.

I like this flower but I don't know the name. There were many tiny blooms.

Added on 3 June 2009: this flower is called Plumbago.

Eastern Flower

Ginger Flower


Blur Ting said...

You're one happy visitor, judging by the number of photos you took. It's a beautiful garden indeed! And you did such great close-up shots!

Stephanie said...

This garden is not just beautiful but very tidy also. Susan has really put her whole heart into this garden. All her hard work pays off when she has friends like you to appreciate every corner of her work/garden. Yes, very good shots of the flowers. Good post!

J.C. said...

Thanks Ting & Steph!

Susan is indeed a very neat creative gardener and also an excellent cook! She always gather us at her place for makan-makan session! Lucky us to have friends like her!


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