Friday, November 20, 2009

Purple Wild Flowers

Some insects have sowed the seeds of this purple wild flower around my garden. Now I have a couple of this plants around my garden. I wanna say thanks to those who send me this plant. The purple blooms are attractive and big. They add colours to my garden. Aren't they beautiful?

Added on 24 November 2009:

Thanks to James Missier, a visitor to this blog, who informed me that this is not a wild flower. The name for this beautiful purple bloom is Ruellia or Wild Petunia. According to Wikipedia, Ruellias are popular ornamental plants. Some are used as medical plants, but many are known or suspected to be poisonous.


James Missier said...

They are indeed beautiful.
I doubt they are wild, I guess its known as Ruellia. I have few of them but they are yet to flower as its been raining everyday & there is no sunlight for some weeks now.

You can know more about them here:

J.C. said...

Thanks James for telling me the name of this plant. I thought they are wild, but they are not after all, ha ha.. that's enlightening!

Stephanie said...

Hello JC, very pretty flowers. I always like purple blooms. Your photos are always so well taken and good angle. Oh, thanks again for recommending me Plumeria earlier :-) How's the young Plumeria tree you have gotten the nursery doing?

James Missier said...

BTw, they have popping seedpods, and thats how they get propagated.
You can also plant them from shoots coming out from parent plant. Hope there are more nice blues blooming everyday.


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