Saturday, November 21, 2009

Growing Pineapple

I have seen my mom planted pineapple in her garden. It really fascinated me and I asked her how it's done. Has it ever cross your mind? I don't know if pineapple has seed or from where do you start to grow a pineapple?

Mom said just cut the crown of a pineapple and place it on soil. The crown will start to root and that's how you grow pineapple!!! Easy, right? Unbelievable!! What mom said was true! It's so simple. I just cut away the crown of a sweet Josephine pineapple and place the crown on some soil in a pot. That was 3 weeks ago. Now when I tried to remove the crown, it seems to have rooted and not moveable! I just can't wait to see fruit growing from it!!! Why not try planting a pineapple in your garden?


Stephanie said...

All the best! But right now, it's looking really fine. I can see the leaves are all so healthy.

I wish I could grow one and has been in my wishlist for a long time! Always KIVed due to shortage of space.

Have a wonderful weekend!

James Missier said...

I had the miniature pineapples, those that stick out like branches and the pineapples hang like ornaments.
But they are very difficult to maintain with their spiky leaves.
Good luck with those juicy fruit.


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