Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ideas for Chinese New Year Decorations

It's time of the year where many of us are busy cleaning up and decorating our houses in preparation for Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration that falls on 23rd January. While visiting the mall, I find many inspirations from the decors that outlets in the mall created in conjunction of this festive season.

I found some very interesting designs in this bubble tea shop. The combination of plants and some CNY decorations such as red ribbons, peach blossoms & fire crackers are simple, yet they produced very fascinating decorativepieces that we can also do with simple plants that we can easily find. A combination of different types of Dracaena plants with Pussy Pillow and Lime are used here. Usage of auspicious Chinese words that carry the meaning of Prosperity (福), Abundance (满) and Spring (春) can also be seen here. Chinese believes that these auspicious words will attract positive energy that these words carry, similar to the Law of Attraction's principles that Rhonda Bryne wrote in her book, The Secret that 'like attracts like'. Probably Rhonda and all the other writers on Law of Attraction gained this wisdom from this Chinese New Year practice! Ha ha ha...who knows!


Stephanie said...

The pot with the pussy willow looks expensive! ;-)

It was really hot past two weeks, I hope the leaves of your little bird plant came back. Mine did :-D Remember not to water that often now that the sky seems cloudy again.

Malar said...

I can't see the pictures. ut I know your house must be in brilliant colour for CNY!

Davinder Singh said...

nice blog your collection is amazing.
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