Thursday, June 17, 2010

Orchid Show at Shah Alam Lake

Saw this poster about an Orchid Show in Shah Alam on this weekend while visiting United Malaysian Orchid nursery. I thought this would be interesting to our fellow gardeners, especially those who are residing in Klang Valley or nearby.

The Orchid show is held in conjunction with the Shah Alam Lake Symposium.

As Shah Alam is named the Orchid City, thus orchid exhibition and shows are held very regularly. However, the publicity for those shows are poorly done by the organizer. Usually I only find out about the events in the newspaper days after they are over. Therefore, I am very glad to know about this event before it is being held. This time around, I am going to make sure I turn up for it.

For the map of Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC) where this orchid show will be held, please refer to the map below that I found on the Shah Alam Lake Symposium's official website:


Malar said...

I guess all the orchid lovers will have great time there!

博行 said...

you did a good job..................................................

James Missier said...

Did you manage to go for it.
How was it?

J.C. said...

Hi James, I didn't go for it. I have stopped growing orchids. They need too much of care and I usually don't give them enough that they all suffered under my care. So I decided better not to go coz it will be difficult to resist the temptation to bring home a few pots! Ha ha...plant shopping ~ irresistable!


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