Monday, May 10, 2010

Chronicle of Missy Mint

My first attempt in cooking curry laksa for my neighbourhood friends turned out to be a success. The same went for my first attempt to grow mint using the stems of those mints bought to garnish my curry laksa! Ha ha...luck is on my side now!

I didn't know that mint is so easy to grow. Just put some cut stems of mint into moist soil and watched patiently if those stems will bear you with new shoots. I have placed several stems into a pot and fortunately one of them was successful!!! What a relief, and joy too!

I placed several stem cuttings of mint on 25 March. After 3 weeks, I found this young shoots growing from one stem. The rest of the stems wilted & dried, as seen on the photo above & below.

On the 6th week, it looks so healthy. Now it has 2 stems growing from the mint plant.
I have added a fishbone plant gotten from my neighbour into this pot as I plan to have the mint as ground cover.

Two days after I added some organic fertilizer to boost the growth of the mint, the lush leaves from the stem that was growing healthily in my earlier photo started to droop, some even crinkled and turn brown at the edges. My heart pained just by looking at its condition! It's time to reflect on the teaching of Impermanence by the Buddha. One day its healthy and 3 days down the road, it's losing its strength to live on!!! I think I added the fertilizer prematurely. The plant may be too young to be fertilized. I should have waited for another 2 weeks probably!! A case of more haste, less speed!!

The other stem still look well. I am praying hard that it will continue to flourish. Do you think more water to dilute effect of the fertilizer may help? Or will the water cause the mint root to rot? Please Missy Mint, you must grow well, yah!! Please Missy Mint, live on for me!! I will never dare to over-feed you again!


AaronVFT said...

Wow! Congratulations!

Stephanie said...

I am glad you shared this. Now, I think mints in general is easy to grow. I have one pot of mint that withered/dried up after growing for some time. I pruned away the old stems, later, young shoots grew from the base. Now I have a pot of mint back. I hope your mint will grow back for you quickly as well.

James Missier said...

This mint is very unpredictable. Sometimes they just do so well and sometimes they just don't coperate.

Do Harvest them when you find them at the optimum state, once they are too long in the pot - they tend to shivel and leaves becomes tiny and the plant leggy.

Before you know it, the whole plant dries up.

J.C. said...

Thanks for the tips James. My mint stem is a bit leggy now. I think pruning can also help the mint to grow bushy.


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